Friday, 1 March 2013

It was a hard week

Assalamualaikum and good night to all readers.....

Sorry for not post any entry for a long time.... 2013 was a quite tough year for me... But I know I need to face it toughly... and maybe I need a little bit rest I just settle with my choral speaking competition for Hulu Langat District a few days ago.... But we're not that lucky.... We didn't win for that. But I'm very sure that the coming years will be great. I'm quite dissapointed because for 2012 we did it well and we're the fourth place among 37 school.

On 27th February 2013 the competition were held at SMK Yu Hua Kajang. It was one of the oldest school in Hulu Langat because it was build in 1957. For me.. its one of a historical building that should need to be take care of.

Doing nothing than SMILE...

Our Performance

Our Conductor Miss Tan Yuik Juin

So Smile for SMK Bandar Tasik Kesuma
So that's all for tonight.... I will update more for you guys.... SMILE 4EVER..!! :D